Friday, November 21, 2008

Reputation Score

I haven't figured out a way to implement this in a totally effective way, but here it is, just so I can come back to it: 

Regardless of whether we make the jump to 4th edition or not, I’d be interested in adding a new score to the mix aptly named the Reputation score. Basically, this is a number (probably a modifier) which will give the players a way to track how well perceived they are in any given area. Their characters would have a Reputation score at any new area they visited and assuming I use modifiers, would start out anywhere from -10 to 0. This modifier would be applied to any kind of social skill when in that area. You can raise your Reputation score for that particular area in various ways: helping out around the area, becoming a more permanent, stable member of the community (buying a house, or staying in the area for a long period of time, for example), making friends and contacts, etc. This could either be done in the same way as leveling: doing certain tasks earns you a certain amount of XP towards your Reputation score. Or as just straight points added to your score: buying a house in an area earns you 2-3 Rep points, for example. I want to jump on the XP version at first, but that’s more paperwork, and I tend to try to avoid that kind of stuff, so maybe a straight point gain system would be best.

Note: the characters will have a separate Rep score for each area they visit. The GM will be responsible for determining how far one areas Reputation score extends.

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