Wednesday, December 10, 2008

[Aeonia] Brotherhood of Valar

This is a group of guardians that stretch throughout Aeonia. They guard old artifacts and try to keep them hidden and squelch any knowledge of such things. They are Librarians, Scholars, Wizards, Assassins, and Warriors (not limiting any classes here, just setting up an overall feel). It's a bit of a rough write up, but I think the concept will solidify through play - that's always what it takes for me.  

The Brotherhood of Valar was created 3 centuries ago by a powerful cabal of wizards; they saw the near-destruction of all living mages when a former ally abused a powerful artifact. The few remaining wizards banded together to hide what artifacts they could find in separate locales across the continent. They then formed the Brotherhood, consisting of various trustworthy allies from all walks of life to guard their powerful secrets. 

Since that day, the Brotherhood has guarded the terrible secrets unfailingly. Each member is entrusted to use whatever means necessary to do their duty; be it assassination, bribery, or spying. The Brotherhood operates outside the Law, and though some members have positions of authority within regular society, it's expected of all members to avoid being caught on duty.  

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