Sunday, December 7, 2008

Encounter Series #1

One thing I've never done is collect little encounters that I've thought of and saving them for future use, be it to fluff up an adventure or to create an adventure. Sometimes you just need a little something to fill in some space and it'd be a good thing to have a little collection to go to and say, "Ah this will fit perfectly right here..." That will be what this little series is for, to collect these little ideas as they come to me and either string them together into an adventure, or stick them into a current adventure. 

  • The PC's encounter a tribe of some race (preferably a Shamanistic race, like Goblins or Gnolls) and contest the leader (the Shaman) in combat (single or otherwise, if it's powerful enough) and the leader is killed. Under this tribes law, the tribe belongs to the PC's now. 
  • A vampire is being stalked by a particularly stalwart Paladin and needs the PC's help to be kept alive (presumably the vampire has something the PC's need in order to want to keep the vampire alive in the first place). 

Not much for the first time out, but that's ok, I don't need all my ideas at once, just so long as they keep flowing in, I'll be happy. 

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