Monday, December 15, 2008

[Aeonia] History

I'm taking a different tact than most people probably would when building their homebrew campaign setting. Instead of detailing a long and sordid history of my world, I'm....not. Basically, I don't care what happened in this world before my PC's get into this world; what I care about is what happens after they get dropped into it. Several advantages here:
  • If ever I need to have history, I can make up whatever I want without having to worry about it clashing with what history I would have already had. 
  • I don't waste my time with things that don't end up being used or is not important to the players.
Mostly it comes down to laziness - that and not having a whole lot of time to think about these things in the first place. I want to pencil just enough details into the world to have some jumping-off points for the players; they can fill in the rest of the details in play. 

Next up: I want to design an "Intro Adventure"; and adventure designed to give new players a sense of what my world is all about. So it'll probably have a Druid and a bunch of evil Fey or Elementals. Or maybe I'll deal with the Orc traders to the North. Anyway, assuming my friends are still interested in playing C&C (which I've decided is the official rule-set of Aeonia) I'll slowly add in details of my world into their adventures and use them as a sort of unknowing guinea pig. 

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