Friday, December 5, 2008

Play by Post In Nomine

Come the new year, I've offered to run a game of In Nomine for some folks on Myth-Weavers. I ran this game for my tabletop group a few years ago and it went over really well...with them. I didn't like it so much, but that was only because I was itching to get into Burning Wheel at the time. So I'm hoping to give the game another fair shot. Also it was the first non-D&D game I ever ran, so I filtered the game through D&D goggles which is really bad for this game. It's really tough to miss a shot, be it with a gun or a baseball bat in In Nomine, you know, being an Angel/Demon and everything. So combat really shouldn't be the focus of the game. It's more about doing your job, completing the mission without falling out of favor with your Superior. Combat, in my opinion should be reserved for the very end, for the most part, and should be big, cinematic and over the top. I didn't run it this way, I ran it sort of like a Dungeon Crawl, only in Chicago. 

So what I want to do with this group is really push the "Falling" element of the game. Give them big, complicated missions with an easy way out if only they bend their morals "just a little". To do this, I'm really going to have to know what causes Dissonace (in general and for each individual Choir), how to gain Discord, and what would most likely tempt the Angels. 

One of the players who replied to my post mentioned wanting to play a Soldier. I offered to let him start play as a Mundane (normal human) and then get caught up in things and quickly become a Soldier. This would have to be taken into consideration when thinking about how to approach the adventure. 

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